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About El Grifilm

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El Grifilm is a used bookstore specializing in film. It was physically born in El Corro de Santo Domingo 15, Urueña - La Villa del Libro in 2011, at the same time as La Bodega Literaria and only a few months after Bibliomania were established. The three bookstores are located in the first Spanish booktown.

The idea of El Grifilm arises in Wales in 2004. Hay-on-Wye was one of the main culprits, the others being: books, cinema and rock 'n' roll (among many others). We believe in the spirit of Hay, books and more books in the more languages the better.

In addition to books written in Spanish, we have devoted two large sections to books in English and in Catalan, always trying to include many other languages of which we currently only have small samples (Gallego, Euskera, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Arabic, Russian, Chinese,...).

In El Grifilm we intend to offer books about cinema but we also want to follow the line that connects it with literature and music; from old to contemporary books, including most genres, and with special emphasis not only on film, but on narrative in all its aspects: theatre, poetry, history, and art in general.

El Grifilm would not be called El Grifilm if it were not for Maritilla, and El Grifilm would not be El Grifilm if it was not for people like you. We wish to say a big thank you to everyone who has helped us out, too many to name here. You know who you are. Thank you all!

In addition to: Alun Menai Williams, Julian Cope, the King of Hay, Murphy, Calvin and Hobbes, Brian May, Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Robert Johnson, Lou Reed, Eduardo Galeano, Guilles Maleïdes, William Blake, Sebastià Roure, Els Graves, Roald Dahl, Casual, Pepe Rubianes, Eugenio, Jim Jarmusch, Candel, Manchón, Pere Calders, Jeff, Greg Townson, The Hi-Risers, The Nardis,Dayna Kurtz, Elliott Murphy, Kitsch, Daniel, Joel, Eric ...

We hope to see you in Urueña,

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El Grifilm

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